PValue ERP - A cloud-based automation software for your Business

A cloud-based automation software for your Business

Innovative cloud-based ERP software for individuals and businesses. Manage your company effectively. With this app, you may save time on the time-consuming process of bookkeeping accounting and inventory information. You will also have all of the information you need to do a thorough analysis of your company.

PValue ERP
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PValue ERP is a professional Cloud-based ERP Software solution designed exclusively for individuals and businesses. POS, Manufacturing, CRM, Project Management, Asset Management, Repair Shop Management and HRMS are all covered. Our ERP software was built from the ground up to be a comprehensive and integrated business system suitable for both single or multi businesses.

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  • Human Resource Management

    Our cloud-based human resource management software is very intuitive. Thus, providing you with a user-friendly experience in hr management software. Increase Employee Productivity: In fact, we help you achieve optimum utilization of your human resources. So this is one of the very helpful human resource management software features available. By using human resource management software benefits, it will be easy for the human resource managers to bring the company up to speed and achieve maximum efficiency.

    Leave types & Leaves Attendance Payroll Holiday ToDo List Memos & Reminders
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Our specialized CRM module will also assist you in uploading and securely storing all of your leads’ records. You will also be able to keep track of your day-to-day follow ups and campaings here. PVALUE ERP-CRM is the perfect solution for business development companies, ensuring success through our knowledge of business operations. It connects features like entire lead follow-up procedures, turns leads into customers, reports, Campaigns and Proposals, and much more.

    Followup Leads Campaigns Campaigns Campaigns Proposal Report
  • Project Management

    PValue ERP Project management add-on is designed to make the workflow of a team working on the same project easier. This ERP add on is suitable for small start-up teams as well as large organizational teams working at various levels. One significant benefit of project management software is that it improves decision-making & overall project productivity. It becomes much easier to make informed decisions in the shortest amount of time because all of the important details are in one centralized place.

    Unlimited Projects Priority Tasks Reports Projetcs Categories
  • Asset management

    Asset maintenance helps to maintain assets under repair or any kind of service related to it.Any user who has been assigned an asset can send it for maintenance when required.Sending it to maintenance will send an in-app notification & also an email notification if enabled to some of the selected recipients.

    Add Assets Warranty Categorize Assets Asset Maintenance S Notification
  • Manufacturers Management

    Manufacturing ERP add on is beneficial to organisations in a variety of ways, including making decision making easier for top management by utilising data from Smart Dashboards and centralised data.

    Receipe Production Reports and Settings Cost Calculations Wastage Calculations Lot Number Expiration Date
  • Repair Shop Management

    PValue ERP repair module greatly helps in the complete management of repair services for electronic goods such as cellphones, computers, desktops, tablets, televisions, watches, wireless devices, printers, electronic instruments, and many other similar devices that you can think of!.

    Receipe Easily Assign to Technician Colour Code Identification Device Manager Checklist Generation Manage All Repair Spare Parts
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